I’m a homeschooler and I passed 10th grade a year ago. I have been taking online classes for more than two years now. Since the last one year I have multiple sessions a week in Hindi, English, Economics with various mentors across the world. I have improved a lot and I’m still improving. Just recently I wrote my 12th grade assignments in Economics, Hindi and Data Entry Operations. The assignment will count partially to my final exam scores. I was allowed to take help from the internet, my books and my mentors. I took help when ever I got stuck with a question. I feel I really need to work smart and score well in the final exams – the last phase of my preparation has started now. The final exams will be in October this year.

I’ve written the assignment in Google Docs first, and then I had to add a handwritten version for submission. Which I submitted on 23th of July. I faced problems and got stuck like homework issues, electricity and network issues. I didn’t give up – I always tried to find different ways to complete the assignment. I learnt this from skateboarding where I try the same trick many, many times until I can make it – I always apply this skateboarding habit in my life. The other two subjects for completing my entire 12th grade exam – English and Business Studies – I will give next year as per the government rules.

I enjoy the way I’m learning and how I have been passing on my learnings to the other kids in the village. I’m really excited to give my final exams. I only have three months left for the exams and I have covered some chapters of all the three books but there are other responsibilities such as kid’s session, communication with mentors etc.

Giving my best to pass 12th!

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