Janwaar and Satna kids attended an art workshop yesterday. It was organised by Artreach India, New Delhi. They work with artists to transform the lives of children, women and young people from marginalised communities in India. They partner with schools, NGOs, foundations and museums.

The workshop started with an introduction round; everyone was introducing themselves. Then they played a game to break the ice. Our kids were shy in the beginning but slowly overcame their shyness and started to have fun.

They had a speed drawing sessions. The goal was to draw circles nonstop and fill the paper with as many circles as possible. Artreach showed them the artwork a girl had done – it was very detailed and nicely done. The kids needed to observe and recognise all the details of the girl’s drawings. Then it was their turn. It was interesting to see what our children kept in mind from the girl’s drawing and what they put into their own drawings. I really liked this part of the workshop and the kids also enjoyed it a lot. Then the kids were asked to paint portraits of their own and include things they like. All drawings came out very colourful. Some of them needed explaination 🙂

Neha and other small kids from Janwaar said that they liked the workshop and had fun. The Satna kids were really happy and they even spoke English with their mentors. They liked the detailed observations of artwork which the mentors presented and they loved to draw by themselves. They were really engaged and curious in the workshop and they even asked if they were meeting every Saturday for workshops.

At the end of the workshop the kids provided feedback. They explicitly enjoyed the drawing part. Speed drawing and art observation was also fun. Thank you Artreach – it was great fun!

Neha’s face is a mango!

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