On September 19 there was a government program in Janwaar, which our Panna MLA and district president attended. It was a Jan Seva Yojna program. The aim of this program is to help everyone who is facing issues such as homelesness and difficulty in accessing government benefit schemes. 

The MLA said that the people who are in positions of authority, like the head of the village (Sarpanch), will help the villagers to apply for government benefits. The villagers have the right to complaint if their applications are not processed quickly.

AS the program was about to end, one of our villagers wanted to make an application to it. He was told by a government employee that he was too late and the government employee refused to fill in the form for the villager. 

Luckily I was there with him. I spoke up and asked the government employee the reason why he would not fill out a form. I told him that if he didn’t fill out the form I would write a letter of complaint to our MLA. He then agreed and we filled out the form together. 

I learned a valuable lesson from this and understood that uneducated people can be easily exploited. I’m very lucky that I had the opportunity to travel a lot and to progress in education, so that I’m able to speak up against people who exploit others. I’m very happy, and from my heart I would love to say thank you so much! 🙏 to  everyone who has been supporting me. 

I took this picture of Satashi wearing a t-shirt on which is written “I never quit”! I really liked this sentiment as it is correct!

Satashi listening to people at the program.

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