Kids have been writing their quarterly exams this month. Their exams started from 7 of October when they went back after Navratri holidays on 6th October. They wrote exams for these subjects: Math,  English, Hindi, Computer, Social science, Sanskrit, Science. They said that the Hindi and Sanskrit exam was good as they were able to understand these two subjects the most. The other subjects were ok. Kids face problems in understanding the other subjects as they are learning them in English. They ask the doubts of their teacher and they get help. I am also facing the same issue because I switched Hindi medium to English medium. It took me a lot of time to cover the gaps but finally I am at a stage where I have some understanding. They will also get better day by day as they learn and practice everyday. 

The regular and online classes were stopped because of exams. The kids have been revising their notes for the exams. They gave their last paper on 21 of October. Now they are back in the village for Diwali holidays. They will celebrate this festival with their families. They will recolour their homes, eat sweets, burn crackers etc. They have holidays until 27th of October and then they will go back to school. After the holidays there will be a parents meeting where Shanti will join the meeting as our kids’ parents and the teachers will tell the results of the kids. The classes will also resume after the holidays and they will start practicing for their dance program. It is the last program that the school will host in March. In this program the kids will perform on stage and they will also open their stall where the kids can sell their own art and craft work and other things that they will create. In this school exhibition, the kid’s parents and other school students will come to see and enjoy the kids dance, singing and all activities that they will do.  

The common issues that occur within the kids. They fight with each other, make mistakes and repeat them. They missed a few online classes, didn’t listen to Shanti, broke the rules frequently etc. These are all mistakes they have been making over the month and we have been also doing a  circle time every Saturday with the kids where Asha and I ask questions regarding their studies, issues they are facing and try to solve the issues mentioned above with the kids. 

The kids are learning well. We can see changes in them when they come to the village. They share their experiences with their family and friends. Brijesh is doing very well and he has been focused on studies since he joined our project. His English is getting better day by day and he is very curious about learning.

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