It took me ages to complete and correct the papers but this time was the last time. We gathered all the correct papers and went to the passport office in Satna with my parents a month ago. 

The other kids received their passport after a week when they visited the passport office. So I started searching for it after three weeks as per the mail which I received from the passport office. I visited a few branches of the post office to see if it is not stuck. Then I called a Bhaiya whom I met a  few years ago in the Satna passport office and currently he is working in Bhopal passport office. So I told him that I didn’t receive my passport then he asked me for my file number to see the status and he said that it will be dispatched from Bhopal on the 7th and reach my home after 3 days. 

On the 18th Of December I came back from the Bangalore trip. I unboxed it and saw it. It was a great feeling to have it on my hands finally. 

I’m very thankful to everyone who helped me to get the passport! ❤️

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