I am Anil Kumar, a skateboarder, learner and a social worker. I am 16 year old and I am from Janwaar, a small village in the heart of India. My home state is Madhya Pradesh.

I love to travel and explore new things. I went to Assam a few years ago, with other Janwaar kids, to experience life in cities. I attended the Jaipur Literature Festival to conquer my fear of public speaking. A year ago, I went to Mumbai on my own, to attend a workshop on how public spaces are used in India. The workshop was organised by the MIT. and Havard University. It was a great learning experience for me.

I gave a talk in my village, in front of my family and villagers, about my learning journey. I also gave the talk in Bangalore at ProtoVillage. In March 2020, I attended a workshop on open schooling in Rajasthan, where I learnt a lot about self-learning.

Learning new things has become a passion for me; it will not stop until the end of my life.